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Let's Talk 'Productivity'

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Hey there!

I want to start with; I hope you all had a great week and hopefully, it wasn't too tough on you. I like to treat Sunday evenings as a time I can reflect on certain things, and I thought why not put it into a blog post to share with you all; maybe someone would take the time to read it?

If you do read it all, thank you, and I appreciate you taking the time to listen to me waffling about something that could potentially be a waste of time... it's not though I promise. Anyways, let's get started.


If you're someone like me, your life can get real messy if you're not organised and disciplined when it comes to the structure of your day. I'm a student and also run an online business which means I'm quite flexible with my hours, but looking back on the last couple of years, I've not been nearly as productive as I should have been. Now if you feel the same way, then it's already a BIG step that you recognise this, but it's also important not to stress too much about the past. What we need to focus on is how can we change it and make sure we are doing the most with our time!

I'm talking from personal experience now but the last few weeks I've had some days here and there which haven't been amazingly productive but I've still made a massive positive change... how though?

By setting routines, time frames and small goals for yourself. The small goals part, I've spoken about many times, and it's been a big key to my progression in my life, but the first two are undervalued.

I merely created productive habits by creating routines based on time frames, confusing? It's not, trust me... here's an example of what I did.

I aim to sleep at a reasonable time the night before; I'm someone that has the luxury at the moment for being able to take a nap midday which means i can aim for 5-6 hours sleep and feel good the next day.

First things first... I get myself up straight away, on the FIRST alarm. NO SNOOZE.

I wash my face with cold water to freshen up then get some water (1-2 glasses) in my system. I'll head to the gym nice and early and aim to get in there for 7 am, aiming to be done by 8 am; this not only gets my training sessions out the way but also helps wake me up for the rest of my day. It means I've got my body moving and heart pumping, i guess it just helps me feel alive! I feel ready to take on my day from that point on. After that I head back home, shower, put some breakfast together and start working away on my laptop.

That's how I've been structuring my day but make sure you take into account that it's just an example of a routine and time frame that works for me in my current situation. Many of you, like many of my friends and family, are all working throughout the day which can result with you feeling demotivated to do anything outside of those hours. You got to keep flowing and keep moving to make sure you have the correct habits; this could be making sure you prep meals at a particular time the night before or meaning you wake up 30 minutes earlier every day so you can do 20 minutes of yoga then make a fresh juice for yourself. Small changes that are set as routines for yourself.

I've been doing the example I gave above for the last few weeks, and as I said, I'm getting a LOT more work done, and overall productivity is double!

I wanted to share this with you, and hopefully, it's helped you one way or another!

I also wanted to thank you all for the continuous support; I'm grateful for this platform and glad that so many are sharing positive energy and messages.

That's me turning in for an early night now, Happy Sunday all, I wish you all a positive and productive week ahead.

Blessings, Kam.



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