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About  Officium Fitness


The word 'Officium' was used to refer to someone's service or a sense of duty that an individual had to an institution or to Rome itself. At Officium Fitness, we understand that one of the highest duties belonging to every human is the service to their health. To neglect it is to disregard one of the greatest gifts life gives us. Officium Fitness strives to support people from all walks of life to help discover the many benefits of embracing fitness.


Maintaining our health should be a fundamental aspect of life, from young to old. Officium Fitness is a movement dedicated to motivating and inspiring all individuals to progress and to do more for their mind, body, and spirit actively. Our ambition is to join you, and aid you in your mission to achieve the best version of yourself – this is a journey that we’ll progress with you on, every step of the way. 


The coach and creator behind Officium Fitness, Kamran Mortazavi, has always been active. He started his fitness journey from the age of 5, by dedicating himself to the Martial Art of Taekwondo for the next six years. Since then, his interest shifted towards strength and conditioning. At the age of 18, Kamran gained accreditations for personal training and sports nutrition. As a result, he has grown his understanding of nutrition, strength, and conditioning and hopes to bring a platform with all the information he has grasped over the years.

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